lundi 25 décembre 2023

Mes orchidées !

Depuis de nombreuses années, je suis fan des orchidées.
Malheureusement, vu ma santé souvent défaillante, j'avais abandonnée ma collection.
Pour mes 80 ans, j'en ai reçues quelques unes et cela m'a redonné le goût.

Je vais vous les présenter.

samedi 16 décembre 2023

Acte de naissance de Emile Charles Rouseau


Birth certificate of Rousseau Emile Charles n° 28 of 08/31/1899

In the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine, on Thursday the thirtieth of August at five o'clock in the evening, time... before usRoland Gustave, Mayor, Civil Registrar of the Municipality of Fleury, canton of Orléans , North West, Loiret, Emile Désiré Rousseau, baker worker, aged twenty-three years old, residing in Fleury, La Barrière district, appeared, who presented us with a male child, born this morning at four o'clock at his home, of him declaring and of Marie Onézime Charlotte Sébastien, his wife, aged twenty-one years, without profession, domiciled with her husband, and to whom he gave the first names of Emile Charles, the said declaration and presentation made in the presence of Charrière Adolphe, baker, aged forty, domiciled in Fleury, Sébastien Alcide, wheelwright, aged twenty-six, domiciled in Orléans, rue du Poirier, 30.And have, the father and witnesses signed this deed with us, after reading it.

 In the left margin:

 Married in Paris 1st arr. April 11, 1921 with Marthe Rachel Blanche DUVAL.

Divorced from Marthe Rachel Blanche Duval, by judgment of the Seine Civil Court of January 7, 1946 and transcribed in Paris (1st arrondissement) on June 29, 1946.

 Married in Orléans on July 30, 1946 to Paulette Marguerite Veau.

 Died on March 1, 1979 in Lamotte-Breuvon (Loir et Cher) on March 8, 1979.